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Events in and around Goolwa

Summer, autumn, winter, and spring in Goolwa, South Australia mean different things, but one thing for sure is that there’s always something exciting to do and see in and around the town. From carnivals, festivals, and markets to surfing, birdwatching, and river cruises, Goolwa offers a wide range of seasonal fun and exciting events that cater to everyone’s interests and preferences.

Summer Season

Summer in Goolwa is all about sunshine, beaches, and water sports. The town is bustling with activities, events, and tourist attractions that cater to families, couples, and friends. Some popular things to do and see in Goolwa during summer include:

- Surfing - Goolwa is home to some of Australia’s best surfing spots, including Middleton and Goolwa Beach. These beaches offer perfect waves and conditions for both beginner and experienced surfers.

- Swimming - Whether you prefer freshwater or ocean water, Goolwa offers both. The town has a number of beautiful beaches and rivers where you can swim, sunbathe, and relax.

- River cruises - Take a leisurely cruise along the Murray River and discover the region’s history, wildlife, and natural beauty.

- Markets - Come and enjoy the atmosphere of the Goolwa Wharf Market, the Encounter Bay Farmers Market, and the Victor Harbor Farmers Market. You can buy fresh produce, crafts, and souvenirs while enjoying live music, food, and drinks.

- Festivals - The Goolwa Alive Festival, held every January, showcases local arts, music, and culture. The Goolwa Regatta Week, held in February, is a week-long celebration of water sports, music, and entertainment.

Autumn Season

As the weather starts to cool down in autumn, Goolwa offers a range of activities and attractions that will warm you up. Some of the things to do and see in Goolwa during autumn include:

- Whale watching - Take a cruise to see the magnificent humpback and southern right whales as they migrate along the coast.

- Birdwatching - With over 100 species of birds, Goolwa is a birdwatcher’s paradise. You can explore the Coorong National Park, Hindmarsh Island, and the River Murray wetlands to see a variety of birdlife.

- Cycling - Enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery by cycling along the Encounter Bikeway or the Goolwa to Strathalbyn Rail Trail.

- Food and wine - Autumn is the perfect season to indulge in local food and wine. Visit the wine regions of Langhorne Creek and Currency Creek and taste their award-winning wines.

Winter Season

Winter in Goolwa may be cool, but it is far from boring. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities that will keep you entertained throughout the season. Some of the things to do and see in Goolwa during winter include:

- Walking - The cooler weather is perfect for exploring the town and its surroundings on foot. You can walk along the Goolwa Wharf Precinct, the Encounter Bikeway, and the Murray Mouth.

- Whale watching - Winter is the best time to see the southern right whales as they give birth and nurse their calves in the sheltered waters of Encounter Bay.

- Museums and galleries - Goolwa has a number of museums and galleries that showcase the town’s history, culture, and art. Visit the Signal Point Gallery, the Goolwa Maritime Museum, and the Goolwa History Room to learn more about the town.

Spring Season

Spring in Goolwa is a time of renewal and growth. The town and its surroundings come to life with wildflowers, wildlife, and events. Some of the things to do and see in Goolwa during spring include:

- Nature walks - Spring is the perfect time to admire the wildflowers and seasonal birds that inhabit the region. Walk along the Coorong National Park, the Murray Mouth, and the Hindmarsh Island wetlands.

- Food and wine - The Food and Wine Festival, held every October, showcases the best of local food and wine. You can taste and buy products from over 50 stalls, indulge in live music, and enjoy the picturesque views of the Murray River.

- Arts and crafts - The Fleurieu Biennale, held every two years, showcases the works of local and national artists. You can explore the art trail, attend workshops, and participate in arts and crafts activities.

Contact Details

If you would like more information about events and activities in and around Goolwa, you can contact the following:

- Goolwa Visitor Information Centre: 1300 466 592

- Coorong National Park: (08) 8575 1200

- Langhorne Creek Wine Region: (08)8537 3362

- Victor Harbor Farmers Market: (08)8552 2173

- Goolwa Wharf Precinct: (08) 8555 7282

- Signal Point Gallery: (08) 8555 7286

- Fleurieu Biennale: (08) 8555 7000

- Goolwa Regatta Week: (08) 8555 2532

- Encounter Bay Farmers Market: (08) 8552 5899

Enjoy your seasonal adventures in Goolwa!